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Page 746 - Avalanche
October 25, 2021

So it begins...

What happened the last time the device got turned off? We saw the aftermath of that madness episode on pages 650-651.

Raya's Mute heritage is very diluted, so, while she still can't be controlled by the station in any way, she can be overwhelmed by its voices. Lena (Page 638) and Samanta (Page 607) reacted to the station's echoes a similar way.

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Jack Beloved
Jack Beloved is a slow burn enemies-to-lovers queer frontier fantasy romance where a sweet pea soldier falls head over heels for a dangerous demon guy in the midst of a dang ol’ war.
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Arbalest tells the story of Haelu, a manifestation of winter who is feared, revered, and tormented by an isolated village in a ritualistic bid to bring back the sun. This has happened before... will it happen again?

Magefront is about Amarantha, a necromancer with big dreams of becoming a famous battlemage.

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