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Page 150 - Fire festival
January 3, 2015
Tim really should've studied hunters' culture. But no, he didn't think it was worth studying, and hoped it would change to a more "civilized" one anyway as soon as Rita becomes a chief. Now comes the moment when he's about to regret it very much.

He thought to save Rita's life by refusing to be a father of her child, but he really didn't change anything. A huntress does not necessary need a husband for that. In fact, husband is just a title which means than the man shares power with his wife. As to the fathering children, any other young man will do, the chief's daughter just has to pick one she likes at the fire festival.

The fire festival is a great event where young men from all tribes can show their talents to get attention of the chief's daughter. There are always dancing (mostly with fire), lots of music, and a bit of fighting; all talents are welcome, and everyone has a chance.

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