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Page 535 - Split second
September 30, 2019
The bomb goes off...

+ A new poem is translated: Light-starer

A quick note about the "Obsidian Trilogy" project for the new readers:

I used to be a writer before GWI. I wrote six books in Russian. I always dreamed of translating them into English to reach a bigger audience, but could not do that because all my books had poems in them that could not be removed without breaking the plot and translating poems required a much deeper understanding of English than I had. Recently one of my readers, Alan Jackson (Adge), offered to help me with the poems, so the translation began. Alan's translations are beautiful. He even turned one of my poems - Grey tower - into a real song.

"Obsidian Trilogy" is a fantasy story about a mortal man who becomes an apprentice of two immortal beings responsible for the creation of his world, the world built on the ruins of another one which still keeps its dangerous secrets.

I have translated two chapters (20 pages) so far and redrawn the map of Omnis. I'm going to start publishing the story as soon as I have some buffer to keep the updates regular. The story will be free for everyone to read.

As always, any comments are welcome, both on GWI and OT :)