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Page 546 - Vaska
November 8, 2019
Hope thought of everything, within her options, of course. She didn't plan on going on a suicide mission but still took the precaucions in case things would go south. With no one to care for the baby in case of Hope's death, putting little Love in cryo seemed the only way to ensure her safety. Hope had no access to the human cryochamber, though, with Nolan there keeping everyone hostage, so the animal cryochamber was her only option. With the biggest animal awake at the moment being a cat, only one cryopod was big enough for the baby. With the records about what Hope had done ereased from the database, Nolan had no chance to find his "backup" in time without lord Aaron's help.

+ New poem transtaled: Chance meeting. A short but difficult one.