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Page 566 - Running
January 17, 2020
Have you ever tried running in a dream? It's always so hard and slow, like trying to run underwater!


A bunch of news!

+ New short story translated: Bookwyrms (scifi).

+ I started publishing my short stories on Royal Road. Maybe someone will notice them there and I'll find new readers. You're always welcome there too, of course.

+ My friend Alan Jackson (you know him: he's translating my poems) is now publishing his book on Royal Road as well. I already read it and liked it so much I drew a fanart for it.

So, check it out: Seer walks out by Alan Jackson. I assure you, it's worth reading :) Right now, only one chapter is online but more are coming soon.

Oh, and here's the fanart with the main characters of the book:

Speaking of art... A short time after I had published my first story on Royal Road, a local artist contacted me and offered me to draw my characters for whatever I wanted to pay him, for practice's sake. I can draw my characters myself and I'm too poor to pay an artist anyway so I don't need his services but I promised him to spread the word.

Here's his portfolio: link to imgur gallery. If you want your characters drawn in this style, contact him on Discord: killerpants#8514

End of the long news block :)