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Page 569 - Ghosts of the past
January 27, 2020
Elie doesn't even need to fight the giant parasite. She can just shoot her little imaginary friend or that ragged guy who killed her family. The way out has never been so simple before. Just one shot and she's free, back into the real world with a huge library of new memories. No more triggers, no more painful flashbacks. One shot is all it takes. Nolan even helps the girl by telling her not to think of him and his brothers as people. Dehumanizing is the ancient tactic for making violence easier.

+ I've recently finished translating Chapter 5 of my "Obsidian Trilogy". It's now decided: I'm going to publish it on Tapas. You can help me prepare for this by subscribing to my short stories there if you haven't already. I currently have 30 subscribers. I need 70 more to unlock monetization and, if I understand the system right, 220 more to unlock "Tapas ink" donation thing.

+ Another project I'm currently working on is a small full color story, "Ice gift". I'm currently on page 19. You can see it on my Patreon.


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Soul's Journey - A cursed pendant turns a runaway prince into a wolf. Can he find a way back to his human form to stop the brewing war on the horizon before it's too late?

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