Page 584 - The one true home

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Page 584 - The one true home
March 20, 2020
Since that day on the cliff with Rikter, when Elie's wish became a dream, the girl had been looking for her true home. Was is lost somewhere far away and buried under the ice (page 260)? Was it the room of wonders in the floating Atlantean city (page 344)? No. Elie's true home has always been here, on the basalt archipelago, just lost in time. She was born here a thousand years ago, she was supposed to spend her life in the quiet station with just two people to keep her company, she was supposed the be a Norn... In the new world, the world full of people, she has always felt out of place, a stranger, an intruder.

+ New poem translated: Alone. A mortal man falls in love with a dragon walking the earth in human form. What can go wrong, really?