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Page 597 - Shards in the void
May 8, 2020
Floating islands is Ellie's father's thing (see page 506). The virtual world she grew up in is falling into pieces like Ash's/Nolan's worlds did and fading like Nau's. Why? Because both her parents are dying so the new personality could be created. This is the way out of the trap both of them got into. What's interesting is that Nau had been very close to this solution once (see page 358).

And, yes, in female psi-profile carriers, it is impossible to replace the core. Restructuring it is another matter, though. This is what Nau and Ash did by creating their child. They both kept fading as she grew until they could maintain the virtual world no more. The anomalies Ellie saw were the signs of her mother's personality slowly breaking apart and losing control.