Page 625 - Power of wind

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Page 625 - Power of wind
August 14, 2020
The leader of the mute unit explains some things to the huntress.

The main source of power in the modern world without the ancient reactor (Page 191) is a bunch of wind turbines scattered among the islands. We see them for the first time on page 407. They are also present in Nolan's story (page 467) because the reactor wasn't functional at the time and wind power was all the Norns had back then.

Other references:
- The Star of Chiefs is what hunters and mutes call E.L.I.E. station (page 365)
- The device mentioned there is the one the cave dweller engineers used on page 454 to hide themselves from the Station. It was to replicate the effect the Norns used to protect themselves ages ago (page 498)

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