Page 633 - Cosy reading nook

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Page 633 - Cosy reading nook
September 11, 2020

Meanwhile, Eric is searching the room. He finds a cosy reading nook filled with pillows where Lena used to hide with a book and a plush owl. It must have been her safe place, well, an illusion of one. The young hunter's face changes from stern to compassionate as he thinks of that but becomes stern again when he looks beyond the wall of books...

+ We are very close to achieving the next Patreon goal: 100$ - two new illustrated side stories: "Tsunami kid" (about little Ash and his family) and "Novosaur" (about dino Bitey and pet dinos in general). Might be a good time to become a Patron now :) Just 1$/month gives you access to early updates and novel translations, sketches, wallpapers, and books. Also, every new patron can choose any black and white GWI page to be coloured.

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