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Page 676 - Activation
February 19, 2021

Thankfully, that box thingy is not double-locked like Lena's family gun is (page 643) and responds to Lena's touch, recognizing her marker genes (mitochondrial DNA marker genes, to be precise: they are passed from mother to child only, never from father to child).

+ We've reached a new Patreon goal (100$ per month). That means I'm going to draw a couple of side stories soon: "Tsunami kid" (about little Ash and his father) and "Bitey" (about pet dinos in general and Ash's dino in particular).

+ Readers wanted :) As you know, I'm currently translating my fantasy novel "Obsidian Trilolgy" into English and illustrating it along the way. Book 1 - Cold Obsidian - is already translated, Book 2 is still work in progress. You can read the novel for free on ComicFury (you can comment without registration there + illustrations look better on CF) or on Tapas (you need an account to comment) or buy it as an ebook (1$) or paperback (16$).

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