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Page 721 - Offering
July 29, 2021

Aaron and Lara (or, rather Lara-Nero hybrid conscience) understand each other very well, maybe even too well. Was letting them discuss matters really a good idea?

The very future of the archipelago civilization depends on Lara's decision now as Aaron is making her the same offer he had made Darya before. Elie is indeed the only key to the chamber full of batteries but she also possesses the access codes that would allow Aaron to operate things that he can't reach from orbit (see page 469). Alas, this living key to all doors is not very useful when it's trapped on a remote archipelago...

Aaron had set this situation up a very long time ago (see page 548) and now his plan is about to bear fruit.

+ Chapter 15 of Cold Obsidian (my fantasy novel) is completely illustrated and published.

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