Page 842 - Mannerisms and patterns

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Page 842 - Mannerisms and patterns
October 3, 2022

Body language is a pretty universal thing, sure. But only until you start paying attention to little details. If you do, then you start noticing patterns of mannerisms unique to every person. Those patterns are extremely hard to mimic, so can be used to identify an impostor.
Vanilla humans and empaths rarely consciously notice such details. Since they have natural empathy based on mirror nersons (Page 319), they rarely bother with developing cognitive empathy (Page 325) which requires years of learning. Sociopaths, on the other hand, have no choice here. They start slowly, from a very young age, lag behind their normal and empathic peers for years but then surpass normal people as they master the skill.
When mastered, cognitive empathy surpasses natural empathy by far. In a case with an impostor, a natural empath might vaguely sense that something is off but that's all. A properly trained sociopath, though, not just clearly sees that something is off but exactly knows what and why.