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Paypal and Payoneer no longer work in my country, so I can't get money from Ko-fi, Gumroad, Buymeacoffe and ComicAd (the ad banners here).
The only tip jar I have left is Boosty. It accepts Paypal, all cards, any currency, then it converts it into rubles and sends to me. Boosty works the same way as Patreon + accepts one-time donations like Ko-fi and allows selling ebooks.

Page 860 - 100m
December 5, 2022

A familiar tunnel and graffiti left by the expedition 13 years ago: "ELIE, 100m, Lara, Ksenya, Elsa" (Elsa was the expedition's engineer). Here they are: Page 252.

+ Thanks everyone for checking my site! Now, when I know that it works, I'm just going to give all my short stories another look in order to catch as many typos and errors as I can before moving them to their new home in the web and making an ebook. Everything will be free to read (with the exception of a single bonus story in the book).