"Gifts of wandering ice" is a science fiction comic about ancient things people find in melting icebergs. The old civilization, perished in tsunamis and floods and preserved by the ice age that followed, now reminds of itself in form of “ice gifts” – objects (and sometimes diseases) locked in icebergs melting by the shores of the archipelago where the last people live.

What’s in the story: green postapocalypse, matriarchal society where human life is valued greatly, ancient secrets of lost civilizations, ziplines, cableways, curiously shaped hexagonal basalt formations, and melting icebergs.


About Gifts of wandering ice - postapocalyptic scifi webcomic

About the author

Olga Makarova, author of Gifts of wandering ice

Olga Makarova

Born in 1985. Russian sci-fi and fantasy writer and freelance illustrator. Lives in Ufa (a capital of Bashkortostan Republic in Russia) with her husband and son. Works in a small animation studio as a 3D artist. Has a degree in biology. Is a cat person.