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Page 1022 - Kindred spirit
July 1, 2024

Here I go again: compensating for a wall of text with a landscape.

+ Chapter 18 of "Smoky Obsidian" is published! There, Kangassk tries to adjust to his new life in the overwhelmingly new world and to his new role as a father of a teenage daughter. Quite a jump from being a single 21-year-old young man. Years spent in coma are forever lost but life goes on.

This is the beginning of a new month. Which means that TopWebComics ratings get reseted and unpopular comics get a chance to shine for a couple of days if enough people vote for them now. Please vote for GWI (link). You can also vote for GWI's Esperanto version (link) and even for "Obsidian Triad" (link). Yep, being a novel with too many illustrations, OT is accepted in TopWebComics and even gets readers from there once in a while.