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Page 505 - Deus ex machina
June 17, 2019
I know, I know how it looks. Don't worry, explanation is on the way. Next pages will make everything clear. AI that speaks with "robotic" font but unlike that of Nolan's father was present from the very beginning of this episode, since Nolan woke up from cryosleep. So far it only reported reversed cryogenic processes, psi-profile updates, and overrides performed by Nolan. It also retrieved the info about Faith's prosthetic arm from Noosphere by Nolan's request.

Right now it does something much more interesting.

We know time, or rather our perception of it, can "slow down" or "speed up" sometimes. We can spend virtual years in a ten minute dream and see the world in slow motion in a life threatening situation.

Atlantean civilization knew how to control this process for short periods of time. Right now time practically "stops" for Nolan. He cannot move any faster then he could before, but thinking faster - thats what he can do now.