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Paypal no longer works in my country, so I can't get money from Ko-fi, Gumroad, and ComicAd.
But now I have good news!
Patreon still works! And I've replaced Ko-fi with Buymeacoffee! that works with Payoneer instead of Paypal. You can even buy my books there now. Boosty still works as well. It accepts Paypal and all cards.

Page 571 - Breaking the system
February 3, 2020
Forgiveness is hard...

What did little Elie do? She caused an adrenaline spike inside the virtual time bubble that was supposed to be a safe place, a place of contemplation for just one person, not an arena for interpersonal drama. Looks like she's just broken Glitchy.

+ New poem translated: Looking for a Master. It's about how freedom can be a difficult thing and why looking for a mighty guru is not a way to go. As always, the poem goes with a glimpse of the novel it is from. The translation of the prose part of "Obsidian Trilogy" is currently on chapter 6.

A pack of new Spiderforest comics for you:

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Of Magic and Muses is a comic about magical girls making mistakes and muddling in mysteries with mischievous monsters in a magical horror light show. Updates 4x a week Mon to Thurs.