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Paypal no longer works in my country, so I can't get money from Ko-fi, Gumroad, ComicAd, and Patreon (found a temporaty solution through Payoneer, no idea how long it will hold, though). Until something changes for the better, I'll have to go with replacements.
I made a page on Boosty. It accepts Paypal and all cards.
For a one-time donation like Ko-fi, just buy this post (no registration needed).
To get an ebook, buy one of these posts (the downloads are inside): Cold ObsidianGWI1GWI2Ice gift
For monthly support, subscribe to my Boosty page. Everything works the same as on Patreon.

Page 635 - Peers
September 18, 2020

Lara's engineer is about the same age with Lena and, unlike the others here, these two are from the same tribe. A sure ground for sympathy.

+ Fellow webcomic artists! I wrote an article about ComicAd, the webcomic ad network I'm using here on my site. To make a long story short, it's super cool. As soon as I'm getting my payment from Google ads, I'm going to ditch them and leave only ComicAd here.