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Page 824 - The chief has arrived
August 1, 2022

Lora recognizes chief Lara's voice and happily announces that to Ellie. But Ellie... she's not happy one bit, for Lara is the very woman her mother warned her about (see page 609). Chiefs kill "monsters", it's they duty, and "monster" is any kind of person that had their psi-profile transfer go wrong (see page 320 - the only acceptable outcome there is the host's successful killing of the enemy personality, everything else qualifies as a "monster").

Lara has proven to be very unusual in her approach to "monsters", though. She sent healers to the madmen (see page 819) instead of killing them on the spot. And she spared Ellie's mother after learning of her relationship with Ash (see page 367). But will she tolerate Ellie, the result of the merging of two personalities? No one knows, for this is a completely new puzzle.