Page 835 - Twin sisters

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Page 835 - Twin sisters
September 9, 2022

Lara will soon explain who is who but you can try to guess yourself. We haven't met Alex but we have met her sister Alice in the comic.

The recent conversation about stories and their recipies made me want to share a cool thing with you.
I've never seen a recipe "postapocalyptic conditions + society with high moral standards" in Western stories (and even in modern Russian stories, because we are extremely westernized now) but it was a thing in Soviet sci-fi. And Soviet sci-fi was one of the few joys of my childhood (I grew up in "the bandit 90s", among poverty and crime, in a broken country with neither hope nor future), so it had a huge influence on me and shaped me as a storyteller.
My Russian readers once compared GWI to Kir Bulychev's story "Those Who Survive". It's about a group of people who crash-landed on an alien planet and had to survive there. Then not just survive but also raise their children. Every thing on that planet, starting with grass, tried to kill them, but the biggest challenge was to remain civilized people and not turn into savages. In that story, Bulychev showed in a very impressive way that civilization is about moral standards and people willing to maintain them and not about computers, starships, and other tech. What makes the story believable? The main characters are not ideal (in Soviet literature, they usually are). They think and act like living people and make mistakes.
So if you're looking for something GWI-like to read while waiting for new pages, I recommend you "Those Who Survive".