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"Gifts of wandering ice" updates on Mondays and Fridays

GOOD NEWS! I have a brand new BOOKSTORE that accepts Paypal! All my novels and comics are there. Take a look!
Page 996 - Reasons to celebrate
April 1, 2024

You didn't miss a festival, Nikt, you arrived just in time! And you - secretly - are the reason for the celebration. How cool is that?

+ Chapter 5 of "Smoky Obsidian" is published. You become an apprentice of the creators of your world - you get big questions of life and death and everything explained in simple terms.

A QUESTION! I have a Telegram channel for my Russian and Esperanto readers, mostly to make tracking updates of my different projects easier for them. Would you be interested in a similar English channel? It could solve the problem with comments too: I know that some of my readers can't use Disqus. Let me know what you think.