Types of human memory

A short summary of facts about memory types (in real life) and psi-profiles (in the comic "Gifts of wandering ice").

Explicit memories (declarative memory) can be recalled consciously, implicit (procedural memory) - cannot be.

Procedural memory stores knowledge of tasks that can be performed unconsciously (like riding a bike or performing basic moves in martial arts). In “Gifts of wandering ice” (GWI) servant psi-profiles contain procedural memories only: a number of simple recorded actions required for servants or soldiers.

Semantic memory carries ideas and concepts that are not drawn from personal experience, things that are common knowledge, such as the names of colors, the sounds of letters, the capitals of countries and other basic facts acquired over a lifetime.

In GWI apprentice psi-profiles contain procedural and semantic memories. They were assigned to people to lower the time needed for their education up to 90%.

Servant and apprentice psi-profiles are the only types allowed for empaths in the post ice age era. Anything with higher level causes serious damage to their minds.

Episodic memory refers to any events that can be reported from a person’s life.

In GWI master psi-profiles contain procedural, semantic and experimental episodic memories (where learning a fact, which is semantic memory, is associated with memory of the specific life episode when it was learned). These master psi-profiles allow deeper understanding of specific fields of knowledge, but are dangerous for empaths. Before the ice age master psi-profiles were used to ingrain certain psychological traits into carriers, not only knowledge. You need them to operate most of the ancient machines.

Autobiographic memory contains specific episodes of a person’s life. In GWI they were added to core psi-profiles. The ancients saw this as a way to live forever. When transferred into the brain of an empath core psi-profiles created another person in the carrier’s mind. It usually took several years for this second person to subdue and devour the carrier’s original personality making him a slightly modified copy of the person whose memories were stored in the core.

If the carrier is not an empath, the opposite process (carrier’s personality subdues the parasite) or a coexistence of two personalities in on mind is possible.