"Gifts of wandering ice"

turns 5 years old this May!

Go grab some juicy freebies :)

GWI coloring book
Free coloring book

Print some inked pages from the comic and color them yourself

Free wallpaper
Flying with dad

Rikter paper figure
Paper Rikter

Print and assemble your own little Rikter.

Dear readers,

I want to thank you being with me all these years, for your support, comments, everything. I hope you'll stay with me until the end of the journey.

From now on GWI will live on the new website which I now have thanks to Spiderforest collective. The sad thing is, I wasn't able to transfer the comments from Mildegard.ru. I tried to do this with Disqus URL mapper and it just broke everything. Now the comments are neither here nor there. I have them in XML format and they still exist on Disqus servers, so I guess there's still a chance to get them back. I'll try to do something about it, I promise.

Drop me a line in the comments below about what you think of the new website, freebies, life, and everything. I'd love to hear from you.