Here you can jump to a certain book or episode and find "lore" pages explaining some world building aspects of "Gifts of wandering ice".

Book 1. Tip of the iceberg

-- Episode 1: Big sister --
Story about a brave hunter girl and her scars.
-- Episode 2: Storyteller --
We meet a strange child who is not quite out of this world. Literally.
-- Episode 3: Science and magic --
A night cableway trip through the sea of stars and a scientist's view on "magic".
-- Episode 4: Red berries in the ice --
More ice gifts are on the way. Are they dangerous?
-- Episode 5: Bedtime stories --
How do you test a new dreamcatcher? With a scary story before going to sleep, of course.
-- Episode 6: From nightmares and dreams --
Can the dead ever hurt the living? And how much truth do dreams hold?
-- Episode 7: Parents --
So far we've been following the young generation. It's time to learn what their elders are like (and why said elders dislike each other).
-- Episode 8: Legend of the black iceberg --
Each fairy tale has a grain of truth behind it. Sometimes, the truth is dark.
-- Episode 9: Deep cold sea --
Some memories in the strange child's head are not her own, and the person these memories belong to is still alive.

Book 2. The core

-- Prologue --
Story of a living human ice gift.
-- Episode 10: Broken things --
We'll follow a crippled boy into a haunted swamp and see what happens.
-- Episode 11: Family curse --
Something is not quite right with the chief's family. Time to find out what their secret is.
-- Episode 12: Imaginary friends --
Just what the title says. Only some imaginary friends are more real than they seem.
-- Episode 13 - Bonecatcher --
There was a guy who enjoyed nightmares. He did, until they began coming true.
-- Episode 14 - A matter of survival --
In the face of extinction, we unite, no matter the differences.
-- Episode 15 - The catalyst --
It often takes a little stone to start an avalanche.
-- Episode 16: Norns' abode --
Cryosleep is very much like time travel. Welcome to the bright new world! You have mere hours left to live, though.
-- Episode 17: The last child of Atlantis --
In our children we live forever.

Book 3. Imaginary child

-- Prologue --
A little girl grows up in a world of anomalies, the world that is literally falling apart.
-- Episode 18: Impostor --
Her name is Ellie and she is not what she seems to be.
-- Episode 19: Heirlooms --
One powerful thing per family. Unlikely alliances. Teamwork and expeditions.
-- Episode 20: Atlantean chess --
The biggest game in modern history begins. The prizes are invaluable. The price of failure is... everything.
-- Episode 21 --
Coming soon...


Lore pages

Types of human memory

Classification of the "blocks" human memory is made of (in the real world) and psi-profiles (in the comic).