Character of the Gifts of wandering ice comic - hunter with twit tattoo - Rikter

Rikter. In Part 1 of the comic he is a young boy of about 12. He and his brother Nikt are twins. Birth of twins is considered a bad sign in his tribe, and to prevent any mischief that can possibly come from the visual identity of two people one of the twins - usually a younger one - is to be marked with a red tattoo on the face. Being a younger brother Rikter has such tattoo - three red stripes on his right cheek. He is interested in everything about cave dwellers and wandering ice.

Elie from Gifts of wandering ice

Elie (also goes by the name Nau). A young girl about 12 from the cave dweller's tribe. Being her blind grandmother's apprentice she studies wandering ice and their "gifts". She has an artistic talent and dreams of crossing the ocean to see what the rest of the world really looks like. She wonders if there are other people, and whether the civillization that had made so many wonderful things still exists. She likes Rikter but he is obviously not the right person to help her answer these questions.

Rita from Gifts of wandering ice

Rita. Rikter's and Nikt's big sister and also their mentor and protector. She is six yeas older than her brothers. And when she was only 12 she had to protect them from the hungry monster, a rare, living "gift" brought by some melting iceberg. She was mortally wounded during the fight. It took the mastery of cave dwellers - tribe who managed to recover some secrets of the ancients - and a good deal of luck to save her life. Three long scars on her neck remind of that day. Rita is a calm, clever and strong person. She loves her little brothers very much.

Tim from Gifts of wandering ice

Tim. Cave dweller coming from a famous healer family, Rita's husband and best friend. Tim was the one who nursed Rita back to health after she'd been injured by the monster, and he knows everything about her health: how fragile it is in fact. Tim's no hunter and no fighter, he's a typical househusband who is good with kids and loves his wife very much.

Kalare from Gifts of wandering ice

Kalare. Wise old lady with a young heart, scientific mind and a passion for storytelling. Elie's grandmother and mentor. Sonya's mother. Maria's daughter. Top level specialist on the ice gifts.

Ren from Gifts of wandering ice

Ren. Shaman of the hunters' tribe, husband of the chief - Lara - and father of Jan, Rita, Rikter, and Nikt. Ren is mute and uses wordless singing, gestures and magic string to "speak". He belongs to different human species (the Mutes) that are related to Neanderthals.

Nikt from Gifts of wandering ice

Nikt. Rikter's twin brother. Kind but quick-tempered fellow. Loves hunting more than anything and doesn't care much about mysteries and forgotten past. Being an elder brother, he has no marking tattoo on his face.

Lara from Gifts of wandering ice

Lara. Chief of the hunters' tribe. Wife of Ren (the mute shaman) and mother of Jan, Rita, Rikter, and Nikt. A high functioning sociopath and a harsh leader. Cares a lot about her tribe but can be creepy sometimes.

from Gifts of wandering ice

Jan. Firstborn of Lara and Ren. A psychopath. Was exiled to the swamp island for murder and has lived there since. He doesn't leave his island (because leaving it means a death penalty) but also doesn't mind "having fun" with those curious kids who wander in his lair from time to time. You can meet Jan both in the comic and in the game "Ice gift hunt".

Ash from Gifts of wandering ice

Ash. Elie's imaginary friend who turned out to be much more real than he seemed at first. The last real child in the city of immortals and at a certain point of the story the last man on Earth. Hates his full name because "it's long and stupid". Goes by the name Nolan as an adult.

Ksenya from Gifts of wandering ice

Ksenya. Mother of Tanya and Tim. A member of the cave dweller Council and the best healer on the archipelago. She's the last surgeon that knows how to operate an ancient surgical robot and she uses it to save Rita's life. She's also Lara's best friend.

Tanya from Gifts of wandering ice

Tanya. Ksenya's daughter and Tim's big sister. She continues family tradition as a healer and collects legends, poems, and stories from different tribes as a hobby. She's also Rita's best friend.

Anna from Gifts of wandering ice

Anna. A young and ambicious leader of the cave dweller Engineering guild. A member of the council later in the story. Friends with Rita.

Darya from Gifts of wandering ice

Darya. Leader of the Sentinels of cave dweller tribe. A stern and harsh young woman with a sociopathic brain type.

Nina from Gifts of wandering ice

Nina. A shy teen girl who dreams to become a healer on an epic expedition. A pure empath and a halfblood Mute. Friends with Samanta.

Samanta from Gifts of wandering ice

Samanta. A bold teen girl who dreams to become a fighter on an epic expedition. Borderline sociopathic, enjoys pranking people, has a quarter of Mute blood. Friends with Nina.

Maria from Gifts of wandering ice

Maria. Kalare's mother. An ancient, frail woman with a steel will and a razor sharp mind. Council leader and a power broker of the cave dweller tribe. Prefers to rule from shadows, manupulates others, sacrifices people if sees fit. A high functioning sociopath.

Lana from Gifts of wandering ice

Lana. Chief's Lara's younger sister. Mother of Mia, Sola, and Lir. Very quiet woman. Dreams of killing her son's murderer, though. With a stone.

Mia from Gifts of wandering ice

Mia. Lana's younger daughter. An empathetic, gentle girl.

Sola from Gifts of wandering ice

Sola. Lana's elder daughter. A strong willed girl with a rather harsh character.

Irene / Irina from Gifts of wandering ice

Irene. Little daughter of Rita and Tim and a future hunter chief.

Zak from Gifts of wandering ice

Zak. A hunter guy who spends most of his time in the kitchen, cooking meals for his fellow hunters. Impatient, prone to violence, he often stars fights with his fellow cooks. One of the guys who dreamed of being chosen by Rita. Hates Tim with a passion. He's not very brave when confronted by a stronger person, though.

Sonya from Gifts of wandering ice

Sonya. Elie's adoptive mother, Kalare's daughter, Maria's granddaughter. An artistic person and a glassmaker by profession. She comes from an ancient scientific dynasty and is very shy and ashamed of being "nobody". Sonya is a gentle, loving mother that cares for Elie very much.

Lord Aaron from Gifts of wandering ice

Lord Aaron. Nolan's father. An immortal man who killed a lot of people to prolong his own life in order to finally revive and protect his son. A very conflicted individual with uncertain motives and a so called "broken empath". His psi-profile codes give Nolan (and later - Elie) access to a lot of ancient places.

Nolan from Gifts of wandering ice

Nolan. Lord Aaron's son. Went by the name Ash as a child. A thirty year old terminally ill man that seeks refuge at the Norns' abode. A living key to all doors (with his father's access codes). Oh, and a cat person.

Hope from Gifts of wandering ice

Hope. The middle Norn. A cheerful young mother in her early twenties. The first person Nolan meets at the Norn's abode.

Love from Gifts of wandering ice

Love. Hope's baby daughter. A cute little girl about six months old. Her favourite toy is a long legged stuffed cat with buttons for eyes.

Alice from Gifts of wandering ice

Alice. Hunter chief, Lara's mother. A harsh woman that didn't mind beating up her kids to give them a lesson. But she is not unreasonable. She accepted Ren to the family after all. Alice had a twin tattoo on her cheek (like Rikter). Her elder twin sister was to become a chief but had died during the initiation, so Alice became the chief in her stead.

Bitey the dinosaur / chickenosaur

Bitey (dino). Ash's pet dinosaur. Actually, chickenosaur (a bird with artificially activated ancestral genetical traits). Can mimic any sound from human speech to fire alarm. Ash taught her to parrot words and to purr (because he missed his cat).

Bitey the owl

Bitey (owl). Elie's pet owl. A library owl that chose Elie to be her owner. When with Elie, Bitey is a cuddly, cute, and gentle pet. Other people she bites. She develops a special relationship with Rikter, though, both mocking him and helping in her own way.

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