GWI fanart contest!


- Draw a fanart for "Gifts of wandering ice". You can pick any character(s) you want and draw whatever scene you like, no restrictions here (just keep the pics SFW: no nudity/sex/gore). Whether you want to send the characters to space or the past/future, draw your versions of the comic's events or just something entirely new, it's all allowed. Have fun! :)

- Send your art and name to my email: mcarrow.olga (@) . If you have a comic or a portfolio site, send me a link to it, I'll publish it next to your art on this page so you can get more eyes on your creations.

- Deadline: November 7, 2020. The winner will be announced on November 9 (Monday).


- All participants will get an "Ice Gift" ebook.

- The winner will get a real paper book with the same story.


"Bitey, meet Bitey"
From Vayandil
author of Realm of owls