Page 508 - Blindness

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Page 508 - Blindness
June 28, 2019
Now we know why Nolan has an AI living in his head: it manages the hardware he has under his skull, these fancy bionic eyes included. They are both a unique ASH model, crafted specifically for Lord Aaron's son, and are much better in terms of looks (indistinguishable from real eyes) and function than the bionic eye Faith has. One of them has just been destroyed, though, and the other one seriously damaged. In other words, Nolan goes blind. He managed to grab the control panel, though, and deliver the program.

+ I added an Archive page to the top menu. You can navigate between books and episodes there. Extra "lore" pages will be there too, at the bottom of the list.

+ A new short story, as promised: Map of a distant galaxy (space opera). Enjoy :)