Page 602 - Old friends

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Page 602 - Old friends
May 25, 2020
Welcome back to the real world! It's been a long time, so maybe you don't remember these girls. They are Samanta and Nina. For the first time, we saw them on page 26, pranking poor Rikter. They apologised later, though (page 132), and befriended Elie and Rikter (page 179). At the beginning of the epidemic, Samanta and Nina received their psi-profiles and became a junior Sentinel (page 388) and a junior Healer (page 390).

How much time has passed since Nau had entered her last dream? A couple of days at most. But Samanta and Nina look so different now! They no longer wear junior uniforms, they look like high-rank specialists now (see Darya's uniform on page 413), Nina looks like a field medic from her dream (page 390). The question is: what the heck is going on here?

+ I translated a tiny horror story: Umbrella kid.

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