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Page 754 - Initial purpose
November 22, 2021

When preparing for the expedition, Lara hadn't counted at having to deal with ancient technology (well, at least Alisa thinks so). She counted on having to deal with Anna's device, obviously, and... on something else? What's in the bag that Alisa has been carrying with her all the way here? It's time to find out.

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Week of November 22-28

Adventure Awaits!

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Gobo Gazette
Gobo Gazette is about twelve goblins who have left home to find their place in the great big world. What could possibly go wrong?

Realm of Owls
Realm of Owls - The perfect comedy snack for your busy day! Take a little break and enjoy a page or two of owl shenanigans! Now complete with revolution! Wait... Revolution?!? That sounds pretty serious! Come check it out! (^v^)
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