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Page 755 - Skylight
November 26, 2021

A skylight, Alisa? A light tube, to be precise (a simple device for distributing sunlight underground).
Had that thing above your head been built for this very purpose? Who knows...

Did you know that the practice of playing music to the callers on hold was created by a factory owner who discovered that a loose wire in his factory's phone lines made the building a giant receiver? The broadcast from a close radio station was transmitted through the wire and played when calls were put on hold (wiki link). Alisa doesn't know that but she knows a thing or two about antennas and stuff that can replace them. Like wires in tubes.

+ I added a new puzzle (a difficult one!) to the collection. Enjoy :)
By the way, what do you think of my puzzles? Which one is your favourite? Which one is too difficult / too easy? Is there a particular picture you'd like to see as a puzzle? Let me know :)