Page 817 - The end of screaming

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Paypal and Payoneer no longer work in my country, so I can't get money from Ko-fi, Gumroad, Buymeacoffe and ComicAd (the ad banners here).
The only tip jar I have left is Boosty. It accepts Paypal, all cards, any currency, then it converts it into rubles and sends to me. Boosty works the same way as Patreon + accepts one-time donations like Ko-fi and allows selling ebooks.

Page 817 - The end of screaming
July 8, 2022

This page used to have text that explained the shift from noises of battle to cries of pain and weeping, from the cacophony of Atlantean echoes (see page 744) to silence but later I decided that they weren't necessary and the page is better without any words.

+++ I have news!

From month to month things kept happening, swaying my rickety Patreon-Payoneer-bank connection. Every month, new banks kept going down under the sanctions or made SWIFT transactions impossible with min $200 fees. But I managed to switch to another solution every time, so I guess it's safe to say: my Patreon is working. Join it if you wish to support me.
I've also just found out that Buymeacoffee is okay with my country now. So you can use it to donate me a couple of bucks or to buy my books (it has a store built in).
My Gumroad store also still works but, since it uses Paypal and I can't withdraw money from it, all earnings from there now go to my friend's (Adge aka Alan Jackson) account and from there, to charity. So your buying my books in my Gumroad store will help feed the poor in England.
My Boosty account also still works.

Well, that's all for now. Thank you for staying with me in these trying times! Book 3 will be completed soon. Book 4 will definitely happen as well!