Puzzles based on coloured pictures of GWI world and other stuff. Play online and for free. They open in new window and the progress can be saved!

Alas, they don't work on mobile devices.


hermit crab

seer's cauldron fanart

nautilus chess

nautilus chess


trash on the beach


Floating city





Haunted swamp

Playing with father


Fire show

Fire dancer

Green iceberg

Little ones

Kids and their pet raptor


Happy New Year


New year


Gifts of wandering ice - Icebergs


Gifts of wandering ice - jigsaw puzzle - Girl and her pet dino


Shattered - jigsaw puzzle


Gifts of wandering ice - Bath time


Gifts of wandering ice - Frozen raptor


Spiral jetty - jigsaw puzzle


Cableway - jigsaw puzzle


Surgeon and her robot - jigsaw puzzle


Ammonite pendant - jigsaw puzzle


Gifts of wandering ice - colored - jigsaw puzzle


Gifts of wandering ice - old cover